Direct Hire Overseas Indonesian Helper

  • Helpers will not be
    charged any recruitment fees
  • Includes notary charges
    For consulate general services in Hong Kong
  • Includes working visa fees
    For Immigration Department services

Package Details:

  • Contract notarization fee
  • Employment visa fee
  • Health check package in Indonesia
  • Administration Fee of processing documents in Indonesia
    • Pembekalan Akhir Pemberangkatan (PAP) fee
    • Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri (KTKLN) fee
    • Fiscal from DINAS TENAGA KERJA (KTKLN)
    • Worldwide shipping fee (2 times)
  • One-way flight (from Indonesia to Hong Kong)
  • No agency or administrative from helper in philippines
Direct Hire Overseas Indonesian Helper

Emson conducts virtual interviews using an artifical intelligence-based system that analyses the characteristics of interviewees, work performance and potential. This saves the employers that hassie of personally interviewing helpers and empowers them to make informed recruitment decisions.

HK$ 9,980

Terms & Conditions

What Our Clients Say

Tel: 2388 0205
+852 9226 7254
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